Contractors and Architects

Specifications and Details for Engineers and Architects

Specifications are available for each of the diverse systems we offer. Our technical material can be tailored to the specific guidelines of a project, if needed, for LEED building projects or rooftops, for example. We work with engineers and architects to determine the needs of their project and make proper recommendations based on those needs.


We can assist with determining solutions to concerns such as the option of using regional materials, what is suitable for the sub base, how variances in climate will affect the function of our products, and what needs to be changed to accommodate fluctuating temperatures, high traffic, or heavy weight loads. We often alter our specifications slightly so we can ensure that our system is viable and sustainable.


Many of our technical specifications and detail drawings are available for download at the bottom of each product page as well as in the Library for Architects. A number of additional detail drawings are available in multiple formats. Please contact us for specific detail drawings, further information, or if you can't find what you are looking for. 

Certified Training for Contractors

United Sports Surfacing of America, Inc. is always seeking qualified, professional contractors to represent our products and provide installation services across the nation. We offer a nationwide certified training program to allow partner networks of regional installers to best serve our clients on a local level. These excellent programs are available through United Sports Surfacing of America, Inc. They combine comprehensive theoretical tutorials with solid and practical on site demonstrations. Taught by experienced and accredited professionals, the course is focused on providing you the skills needed to install with confidence!


Material Supply for Contractors

Rubberway Pervious Pavement materials are available at wholesale prices to experienced contractors and landscapers who are interested in learning how to install rubberized permeable paving systems. Our experienced representatives will help you determine the correct system and amount of materials required for your specific project. Please contact us for pricing and to learn more.


Also available for contractors and the do-it-yourself markets is the Rubberway Pervious Pavement Starter Kit. The Rubberway Pervious Pavement Starter Kit provides everything you need to install a small demonstration area up to 100 square feet at 1.5" thickness. This kit is perfect for first time users to get a feel for the materials and to experiment with a small installation before moving onto something larger. 

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