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Karoleen Alexander - Founder & CEO

A Green Approach to Infrastructure 


Drains 2,500 Gallons per Square Foot per Hour

Regionally Obtained Recycled Materials

Reduces Need to Remove Trees

Reduces Storm Water Run-off 

Provides Valuable Filtration

Replenishes Groundwater

No Heavy Metal Leaching

Eligible for LEED Credits

Preserves Habitat

Open Grid Design 

Erosion Control


Design Green

Design sustainable sidewalks and pervious pavements to preserve the environment. Available in a variety of colors, textures, thicknesses, and drainage rates, Rubberway systems can be customized for different locations and applications. Become an expert and specify us today.

Installation Details

Discover what it takes to install a truly long lasting, sustainable surface and how to translate the design into reality. Details are available for each Rubberway system to help you understand site conditions and considerations to determine what Rubberway system to use for each project.



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