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Karoleen Alexander

President, USSA, Inc.

In 1990, Karoleen Alexander had a vision of the direction she wished to take her company. Growing environmental damage was affecting our planet and she was determined to align herself with corporate forces, governments, and projects that would arise to counteract this dangerous trend. By 1994, she had developed close working relationships with many recycling companies throughout the world and was carefully tracking technological developments related to recycled materials and the environment. As expected, public awareness and concern was growing rapidly. Governments were actively seeking ways to address sustainability and citizens were increasingly willing to do their part. Preservation of the environment was becoming an important part of everyday life in most of the industrialized nations.


In 1995, USSA Inc began focusing development efforts on new products created from recycled tires. 290 million tires were filling landfills annually and polluting the environment in the US alone. If useful products could be made from these old tires, pollution would be reduced and customers would be well served. USSA set to work and a steady stream of new products soon began to enter the market. The introduction of these products was preceded by careful testing and experimental installations designed to evaluate longevity, durability, safety, and innovative installation techniques. Fitness flooring, rubber sidewalks, and interlocking playground mats made from recycled tire rubber, were just a few of the first successful introductions.

In 1997, USSA Inc invented a variety of innovative porous, poured-in-place flexible rubber sidewalk system which would come to be known as Rubberway Sidewalks. This was soon followed by porous Rubberway Treewells that greatly enhanced the appearance of city boulevards while saving cities money and reducing the need to remove trees.

Economic as well as environmental solutions have always been part of the company's goals when introducing new products to cities or residences.


World Recycling Surfacing Group was formed as a 21st century company to bind together and direct the continuing development of unique and valuable new products from our diverse and creative divisions. We like to think that now and in the future we shall continue to offer economical and meaningful solutions to environmental challenges. If you are a company, municipality, city, state or federal government representative we invite you to contact us


If you are an individual looking for rubber paving solutions please contact one of our distributors or authorized contractors. Please take a moment to review and investigate our websites and the links that might lead you to practical and effective answers to your surfacing needs as well as environmental considerations.

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