Pervious Pavement Starter Kit


The RubberWay Pervious Pavement Materials Kit™ is supplied to experienced contractors who are interested in learning how to install rubberized permeable paving systems for the first time. Kits are sold exclusively to contractors at a low wholesale cost; an installer can expect to make up to three times the cost in profit!




Each Materials Kit contains the materials necessary for the installation of a small demonstration area up to 25 square feet (based on a 2" thick layer). Our proprietary polyurethane binders are top-of-line and derived of pure raw material compounds, without fillers, TDI, or VOC's. The tensile strength properties provide long term performance benefits. The granulated rubber is a refined, recycled tire, free of metals and pigmented to provide the illusion of a natural walking trail, create a colorful courtyard, or could be a comparable permeable alternative to asphalt or concrete. An easy to follow installation guide offers start to finish instructions, including a list of required tools and equipment, specifications for the set up, sub-base preparations, mixture ratios, and pouring/troweling. Furthermore, tips on the working conditions and recommendations for safety coming directly from the pros gives you the insight into this new product application that can help build your customer base.




Colors available: Asphalt Black, Granite Gray, Brick Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Green





    • Step by Step Guide is Helpful for Beginners

    • High Quality Materials and Tested System

    • Environmentally Beneficial - 100% Recycled Tire Content and Rapid Permeability

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