Rubber Trails

Rubberway Trails enhance the walkability of cities and urban areas, encouraging people to get outside and be healthy. Revive an old park, create a meandering path, give your employees an environmentally friendly, ergonomic surface to stroll and jog on.

Numerous Rubberway systems can be customized to varying levels of thickness, porosity, and resilience for the ideal outdoor trail.

Rubberway Softwalk™

Rubberway Softwalk™ is designed to offer pedestrians and joggers a low-impact, good traction, firm but resilient surface. Similar to Rubberway Sidewalks but with more cushion, Rubberway Softwalk is a pervious, patented, two layer system which utilizes recycled tires to create an environmentally friendly facility for the entire community to enjoy. The poured, seamless system provides a safe and attractive option for paths that will beautify parks and recreation centers, schools, and public facilities. The shock absorbing base layer is fabricated from recycled rubber tires and topped with a colored pure virgin rubber with UV resistance. Rubberway Softwalk is resilient, non-slip, and easy on the joints yet firm enough to be suitable for strollers, wheel chairs, skateboards, bicycles, and roller-blades. Rubberway Softwalk has been installed as walking and jogging paths in parks and as training tracks for schools and federal facilities. 

Rubberway Pervious Pavement

Rubberway Pervious Pavement replicates asphalt and is a single layer system constructed of a larger recycled crumb rubber which creates a very porous surface allowing for rapid rainwater dispersion and quick drying. Utilized for parking lots, golf cart paths, and driveways, Rubberway Pervious Pavement is also suitable for pathways, walking and jogging trails, nature walks, and more. Rubberway Pervious Pavement provides a low slip, spike resistant, comfortable surface, yet is firm enough to be suitable for more high impact use such as bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs. This environmentally friendly system utilizes 100% recycled tires to provide a safe, non-slip, ergonomic surface for the entire community to enjoy. By allowing rainwater to penetrate through the surface, run-off is greatly reduced and the water is allowed to disperse throughout the subsoil and provide needed sustenance for trees and shrubs. 


Rubberway Bound Rubber Mulch

Rubberway Bound Rubber Mulch is a great option for trails and walking paths with a natural look. Rubberway Bound Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recycled tires which are pigmented, and bound together with our proprietary binder for a long lasting, durable system. Rubberway Bound Rubber Mulch is perfect for city parks, nature centers, and any area where an ergonomical, natural looking, safe, and comfortable, non-slip surface is desired. Rubberway Bound Rubber Mulch is available in a number of attractive colors. 


  • Porosity allows for rapid, even drainage and quick drying

  • Provides valuable filtration and stormwater management

  • Non-toxic and no heavy metal leaching

  • Safe, comfortable, and non-slip

  • Ergonomic and easy on the joints

  • Perfect for walking, jogging, and training

  • Environmentally friendly trail systems utilize recycled tire rubber

  • Blends seamlessly with the environment and allows rainwater to penetrate to the subsoil to nourish tree and plant roots below ground

  • Various colors and design options available.

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