Tree Surrounds

Rubberway Tree Wells are a beautiful, economical, and environmentally friendly tree surround option. Rubberway Tree Wells are porous, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the tree roots below ground, encouraging deep rooting and reducing the risk of cracks and root heave. Rubberway Tree Wells provide a healthy environment for trees as well as reduced maintenance time and costs.


Less costly than metal tree grates, our porous rubber treewells come with a number of additional benefits such as flexibility and various design and color options. The flexibility of Rubberway allows it to flex with tree growth and it can be trimmed back as needed as the tree grows.



  • Porosity allows for rapid, even drainage and quick drying
  • Provides valuable filtration and stormwater management
  • Non-toxic and no heavy metal leaching
  • Safe and non-slip
  • Utilizes recycled tire rubber
  • Diverts tires from landfills
  • Flexible, no cracking, freeze/thaw resistant
  • Reduced trip hazards and liabilities
  • Provides healthy tree environment
  • Variety of colors and design options available


Solutions For

  • Cities
  • Public Works Departments
  • Downtown preservation
  • Commercial Areas
  • Retail Areas

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