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Rubberway flexible, porous rubber pavements are a sustainable solution to cracked sidewalks and other pavement infrastructure challenges. Founded as a product development company in 1997, Rubberway has grown to become an industry leader in the development of flexible, porous rubber pavements, sidewalks and tree wells including numerous patented system technologies.

We are inspired by sustainability and work to incorporate best environmental practices into our products and services. By utilizing recycled and regional materials and taking the natural environment into consideration during product design and development, we are working to make a positive impact across the United States. 

Rubberway systems divert up to one tire per square foot from landfills. Our products have been installed across the nation.

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Estimated Life Cycle: 12+ years 12+ years 12+ years
Completion Time: 2000 sqft/day 2000 sqft/day 2000 sq ft/day
Recycled Material Content: 66% 66-100% 100%
ADA Compliance: Meets/Exceeds Meets/Exceeds Meets/Exceeds
Size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Weight: 9 lbs / sqft 9 lbs / sqft 9 lbs / sq ft
Freeze/Thaw: Compatible/ Expands & Contracts Compatible/ Expands & Contracts Compatible/ Expands & Contracts
Trip Hazard: None None None

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Rubberway has been installed for

Renaissance Hotels
Texas Instruments
Us Green Building Consule
Smithsonian Institution
National Security Agency
City of New Orleans

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