City & Municipal

City & Municipal

Many cities across the U.S. are embracing rubber sidewalks, rubber tree wells, and rubber pavements and trails as a sustainable, long-lasting, and low maintenance option to replace traditional concrete and asphalt.

Cities have entire departments dedicated to repairing, maintaining, and installing sidewalks. They are often faced with liabilities due to sidewalk and asphalt cracking due to trip and fall hazards.

Rubberway® rubber surfacing products were specifically developed to address these challenges and to be a sustainable replacement for concrete sidewalks and asphalt pavement.

Porous Rubber Pavements for Stormwater Management

Rubberway's porous rubber pavements are used for parking lot stalls, walking trails, embankments, medians and more. This open grid system provides stormwater management, rapid drainage, and quick drying and reduces the maintenance required on street medians and other hard to access areas.

Flexible Rubber Sidewalks Eliminate Cracking

Rubberway's rubber sidewalks are porous and flexible. The porosity allows water to drain through, reaching tree roots below ground and encouraging deep rooting while providing stormwater management and groundwater recharge. The flexibility of rubber sidewalks prevents cracking due to movement of understrata or tree root growth, reducing costly liabilities from trip and fall hazards. 

Rubber Tree Wells Beautify Cities

Rubberway's rubber tree wells provide a safe transition between the existing sidewalk and tree surround. These rubber tree wells are less costly than metal tree grates and can be customized to meet the look and feel desired by cities and municipalities. They are often used in city beautification projects and can help transform a dull street into a vibrant area. 

  • Rubberway systems utilize recycled and regional materials
  • They can help achieve green building, LEED, and sustainability goals
  • Light colors of Rubberway can help reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Rubberway is safe, non-slip, and comfortable for walking and jogging
  • Rubberway systems are customizable
  • Porosity helps with stormwater management and groundwater recharge
  • Easy to install by city and municipal crews
  • Long lasting, low maintenance, easy to repair

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