Rubber Tree Wells

Rubber Tree Wells

Rubberway Tree Wells are a beautiful, economical, and environmentally friendly tree surround option.

Rubber tree wells are porous and create a healthy environment for the tree and its roots by allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the tree roots below ground. They are uniquely designed to protect tree roots and encourage deep rooting thereby reducing the risk of trip hazards from root heave and sidewalk cracking.

Less costly than metal tree grates, Rubberway's porous rubber tree wells come with a number of additional benefits such as flexibility and reduced maintenance time and costs. The flexibility of Rubberway allows it to flex rather than crack with tree growth, and as the tree grows and the base expands, the rubber tree well can be trimmed back to allow for further tree growth.

The Rubber Tree Well System

Rubberway's rubber tree wells are mixed on site, then poured in place and hand troweled. Both a single layer and a dual layer system are available as well as additional custom design options.

Single Layer Rubber Tree Wells

Single layer rubber tree wellSingle layer rubber tree wells are made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber from tires that are free of lead and heavy metals. The recycled rubber granules are encapsulated in a non-toxic color pigment and are available in a variety of colors. These large rubber granules are mixed with our high-quality binder and poured in place to form an open grid, rapid draining tree surround. 

Dual Layer Rubber Tree Wells 

dual layer rubber tree wellDual layer rubber tree wells consist of a base layer made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber from tires that are free of lead and heavy metals, topped with a 1/2" wear (top) layer of virgin rubber that is colored throughout. This solid color wear layer ensures a long-lasting, color fast surface that won't wear off over time.

This dual layer rubber tree well system utilizes smaller rubber granules than the single layer system resulting in a look more similar to concrete. A large variety of color options are available. Colors can also be blended together and unique designs can be incorporated. 

  • Porosity provides rapid drainage and allows water to nourish tree roots below ground
  • Reduces root heave
  • Makes urban trees viable in more places
  • Provides an attractive and safe transition between the existing sidewalk and the tree surround
  • Made from recycled and regional materials
  • Variety of colors available
  • Logos and custom patterns and designs can be incorporated
  • Shape can be rectangular, circular or any custom shape
Estimated Life Cycle: 12 years
Completion Time: 2000 sqft/day
Recycled Material Content: 66 - 100%
ADA Compliance: Very Low Vibration
Size Unlimited
Weight: 9 lbs / sqft
Mass Changes: None
Appearance Changes: None
Trip Hazard: None
Walking Comfort: Highest
Re-Topping: Easy
Patch Repair: Almost Invisible

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