Training Tracks

Rubberway Training Tracks provide an ergonomic, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly surface for walking, jogging, and overall physical fitness. Rubberway porous Training Tracks provide stormwater management and allow for rapid filtration and drainage of water. These quick drying and environmentally friendly systems have been installed at  Perfect for schools, military bases, federal facilities, and corporate campuses, Rubberway Training Tracks are porous, providing valuable stormwater management and filtration. 


Rubberway systems can be customized to varying levels of thickness, porosity, and resilience for the ideal training track.

Rubberway Softwalk™

Rubberway Softwalk offers pedestrians, joggers, and athletes a low-impact, good traction, firm but resilient surface. Rubberway Softwalk is an ergonomic surface that is easy on the joints and comfortable for walking, jogging, and training. The two layer Rubberway Solftwalk system provides a safe and attractive option for track systems that will beautify schools, recreation facilities, military bases, federal facilities, parks, and communities. The shock absorbing base layer is fabricated from recycled rubber tires topped with a colored pure virgin rubber with UV resistance. Rubberway Softwalk allows joggers and athletes to exercise safely while being able to support wheel chairs, strollers, and bicycles as well. 

Rubberway Pervious Pavement

Rubberway Pervious Pavement utilizes 100% recycled tire rubber to offer a porous track system perfect for walking, jogging, and training. As a single layer, easy to install system, Rubberway Pervious Pavement has a look similar to asphalt and is constructed with larger recycled crumb rubber granules which creates a very porous surface allowing for rapid rainwater dispersion and quick drying. This creates a pervious track system that provides filtration and stormwater management while also serving as a durable yet resilient training surface. Rubberway Pervious Pavement is low slip, spike resistant, comfortable, and ergonomic making it perfect for training tracks, jogging trails, and walking paths. Rubberway Pervious Pavement is available in black, dark drown, tan, terra cotta red, dark green, blue, and gray and can be customized to various applications. 


  • Safe, comfortable, and non-slip

  • Ergonomic and easy on the joints

  • Made from recycled tire rubber

  • Divert tires from landfill

  • Safe for all including the elderly

  • Provides filtration and stormwater management

  • Provides rapid drainage for quick drying

  • Eligible for LEED credits

  • Available in a variety of colors

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