Installation & Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance

While Rubberway® systems are relatively simple to install and are virtually maintenance free, some products require professional installation. 

Professional Rubberway Installation

Experienced crews are available across America to ensure a high-quality Rubberway installation. 

Our contracting company, United Sports Surfacing of America, Inc (USSA, Inc), a World Recycling Surfacing Group company, handles the installation and maintenance of Rubberway systems. We also have highly trained and experienced crews available across the U.S. who will ensure our systems are properly installed.

Our clients can be confident that the industry's best project managers and crews are on site, installing our certified systems, using top quality materials, and ensuring proper installation for a long-lasting system. This means the sub-base and edging is properly prepared, the rubber and binder are well mixed in the correct proportions and at the right temperature, and the surface is troweled smoothly and expertly.

We take your satisfaction with our end result very seriously. With over 20 years of combined industry know-how, our experience and references are what set us apart.

Do-It-Yourself Porous Rubber Pavement Installation

Manuals, videos, and demonstration kits are available for a number of our products and systems. Step-by-step guides offer clear instructions, photos, and tips for set up, sub-base preparation, specifications and details for mixing or cutting material, and many other recommendations for contractors, landscapers, architects, or the first timer who is interested in learning the skill of Rubberway installation. If you are interested in DIY installation resources, please contact us

Porous Rubber Pavement Maintenance

A regular maintenance program will ensure a long-lasting, trouble-free, and cost-effective project.

Rubberway porous rubber pavements are low maintenance but do require some care in order to maximize the life of the system. Like any project, regular maintenance will extend the useful life of the installation and minimize any problems that may develop.

We recommend keeping the surface of Rubberway systems free of any potentially damaging contaminants, regularly assessing areas of wear, repairing small damaged areas, cleaning the surface as needed, and applying a sealing UV protective coating every so often. Maintenance contracts are available and can be customized based on each project's specifics needs and desires and will help you protect your investment, maintain your warranty, and reduce injuries caused by a torn or damaged surface.

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