Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities

Rubberway® systems are often installed at schools, - from day-cares, kindergartens, private schools, and high schools to well-known universities. 

Rubber Tree Wells for School Campuses

Rubber tree wells are often installed in school beautification projects. The flexibility and porosity of this system make it a healthy option for a tree surround. Custom design options allow for unique looks to match the look and feel of a school campus. 

Rubber Walkways for Schools

Students do a lot of walking from one end of campus to another, so why not give them a safe, comfortable surface to walk on? Rubberway sidewalks, pavements, and pathways non-slip and easy on the joints. They are an environmentally friendly option made from recycled materials. The porosity of these systems allows for rapid drainage, drying, and stormwater management. 

Rubber Running Tracks for Schools

Rubberway running tracks are often installed where a non-professional level running track is desired. From elementary schools to private school and high schools looking for a smaller scale option, Rubberway is a great solution. Made from recycled rubber, Rubberway running tracks are safe, non-slip, and low-impact for joint health. They provide a comfortable surface for walking and jogging while keeping students safe and reducing injuries. 

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