Senior Centers & Assisted Living

Senior Centers & Assisted Living

Senior centers and assisted living communities should provide a safe space for the health and wellness of our aging population. Rubberway® sustainable surfacing systems provide the comfort these havens need. 

Non-Slip Rubber Flooring

Rubberway's Multi-Purpose rubber flooring system is safe, non-slip, and comfortable for walking. Often used for courtyards, balconies, patios, and outdoor hallways, Rubberway provides sound dampening so that residents are not disturbed. 

Comfortable Rubber Trails

Having a comfortable space for walking is often important in or near senior centers and assisted living communities. Rubberway trails and pathways are made from recycled rubber and have flexibility and "give" to them, making them more safe and comfortable for walking on than concrete and asphalt.

These rubber pathways have a high coefficient of friction making them non-slip and they also provide rapid drainage which makes them dry quickly. 

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