Library for Architects

Library For Architects

Rubberway® is always seeking architects to specify our porous rubber surfacing products. While some details are provided below, we realize every job is custom and involves various conditions and circumstances so we are happy to work directly with you to properly specify our products.

For samples, further details, specifications, and testing information, please contact our corporate office at 877.288.0045.

Rubberway Detail Drawings & Specifications

 CSI Spec Pervious Rubber Pavementpdf-icon
 CSI Spec Multi Layer Rubber Sidewalkpdf-icon
 CSI Spec Multi Layer Softwalk Protective Surfacingpdf-icon
 CSI Spec Multi Purpose Surfacingpdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Between Curb and Planterpdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Between Curb and Treepdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Between Concrete Borderspdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Between Building and Patiopdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Ramp Between Concrete Flatworkpdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Curb Mountpdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Flush Mountpdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Over Asphalt or Concretepdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Bullnose Over Asphalt or Concretepdf-icon
 Rubber Sidewalk Around Postpdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Between Curb and Planterpdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Between Curb and Treepdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Between Building and Patiopdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Trail Over Permeable Stone Basepdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Trail Over Class 2 Road Basepdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Parking Stallpdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Ramp Between Concrete Flatworkpdf-icon
 Pervious Pavement Medianpdf-icon
 Rubber Tree Well 1-Layerpdf-icon
 Rubber Tree Well 1-Layer Stone Basepdf-icon
 Rubber Tree Well 2-Layerpdf-icon
 Rubber Tree Well 2-Layer Stone Basepdf-icon
 Rubber Rooftop Balcony - Inside Edgepdf-icon
 Rubber Rooftop Balcony - Outside Edgepdf-icon

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