Corporate Health & Wellness

Corporate Health & Wellness

Employee health and wellness is one of the most vital investments a company can make. Corporate health and wellness is moving to the forefront as businesses realize the contribution that healthy employees make. Sick days and health insurance add up to enormous costs for corporations, plus healthy and happy employees often make a bigger and better contribution to the company. With adults spending 40+ hours a week at work, it is increasingly important that their work environment encourage their health and makes it easy for them to get active and make healthy choices. 

Forward-thinking companies are taking the physical and mental health of their employees seriously, and in turn, they are seeing the benefits of increased productivity and reduced health care costs. Plus, who wouldn't want their employees to be healthier and happier and for this to be reflected in the overall workplace environment?

Rubber Walking and Jogging Trails

Rubber sidewalks and trails provide a walking and jogging surface that is easy on the joints and designed for comfort. Making it easy for employees to get outside and get moving is key to increasing overall health and wellness. Walking and jogging trails have been installed at numerous corporate campuses throughout the U.S. 

Rubber Fitness Zones and Outdoor Recreation Areas

Rubberway® is often installed as fitness or recreation flooring at corporate campuses. As a safe, non-slip, sound dampening, resilient surface, Rubberway is the perfect surface for outdoor fitness zone flooring where employees can use workout stations and weights.

Rubberway is also often installed as recreational flooring surrounding bocce ball courts and other activities employees can take part in during lunch and other breaks.

  • Rubberway systems are customizable and can be designed to fit your brand
  • Porous, flexible, and rapid draining
  • Meets stormwater management requirements
  • Helps meet sustainability, green building, and LEED goals
  • Safe, non-slip, and quick drying
  • Comfortable and easy on the joints for walking and jogging

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