From project development, design, and installation to material supply and contractor training, Rubberway® is there every step of the way.

Project Design & Development

Your Rubberway representative is available to work closely with you to determine the best Rubberway system for your specific project. Many systems can be customized in terms of color, thickness, and porosity. Visit the Rubberway Library for Architects to view detail drawings.  

Grant Application & Support

Grants and special funding opportunities are often available for recycled rubber surfacing installations. Rubberway will work with you to find and apply to any applicable grant opportunities. Check out the News section for current opportunities. 

Installation Services

Professional installation of Rubberway systems is offered through United Sports Surfacing of America, a World Recycling Surfacing Group company. United Sports Surfacing of America has over twelve years of extensive experience in installing poured in place rubber surfacing systems. Visit the Installation and Maintenance page to learn more. 

Contractor Training Programs

Rubberway is always looking for interested contractors to learn how to install our systems. We provide a variety of training opportunities including webinars, in house classes, and on-site installation training. Visit our certified installer training page or contact us to get started today!

Maintenance & Repair Services

When your Rubberway system is in need of repair or a coat of sealer to ensure longevity, we are here to help. Maintenance services are readily available. Rubberway materials can also be purchased as needed for do-it-yourself repairs or sealer coat application. 

Material Supply

Rubberway supplies the complete materials necessary for a successful installation. From high quality EPDM rubber available in a variety of colors to our proprietary binders and sealers, we are your one stop shop for installation needs. Please contact us for more information or to place an order.

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