Rubber Trails

Rubber Trails

Rubberway® rubber trails and paths are resilient, non-slip, and easy on the joints yet firm enough to be suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, skateboards, bicycles, and roller-blades. Rubberway's rubber trails have been installed across the U.S. as walking and jogging paths in parks, as community trails, and as training tracks for schools and federal facilities.

Our rubber trails are designed to offer pedestrians and joggers a low-impact, good traction, firm but resilient surface. The poured in place, seamless system provides a safe and attractive option for paths that beautify parks, recreation centers, schools, communities, public facilities, and more.

Rubberway's rubber trails enhance the walkability of cities and urban areas, encouraging people to get outside and be healthy. Revive an old park, create a meandering path, build a community walking trail, or give employees an environmentally friendly, ergonomic surface to stroll and jog on. Numerous Rubberway systems can be customized to varying levels of thickness, porosity, and resilience for the ideal flexible rubber trail.

Rubber Trail Options

Pervious Pavement Rubber Trails

Rubberway porous flexible rubber trailRubberway's Pervious Pavement system is popular for rubber trails as it is easy to install and replicates asphalt. This single layer system is made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber from tires in a large crumb format which creates a very porous surface allowing for rapid rainwater dispersion and quick drying. By allowing rainwater to penetrate through the surface, run-off is greatly reduced and the water is allowed to disperse throughout the subsoil and provide needed sustenance for trees and shrubs.

Rubberrock Pervious Pavement Trails

Rubberway pervious pavement trail with stoneFor a more durable rubber trail to accommodate light vehicular traffic, Rubberway's Rubberrock system is recommended. This system incorporates a stone aggregate with the recycled rubber granules and utilizes a special binder which results in a firmer, more durable surface. This system has been installed for golf cart paths and for other applications where a look more similar to stone is desired.

Dual Layer Rubber Trails

Porous rubber flexible trail dual layerDual layer rubber trails are composed of a base layer made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber from tires that are free of lead and heavy metals, topped with a 1/2" wear (top) layer of virgin rubber that is colored throughout. This solid color wear layer ensures a long-lasting, colorfast surface that won't wear off over time.

This dual layer rubber trail system allows for more color options and customization in design. It also utilizes a smaller rubber granule size than the single layer system resulting in a look more similar to concrete. 

Bound Rubber Mulch Trails

bound rubber mulch trailRubberway Bound Rubber Mulch is a great option for flexible trails and walking paths with a natural look. Our rubber mulch is made from 100% recycled tires that are pigmented and bound together with our proprietary binder for a long-lasting, durable system. This rubber trail and pathway system is perfect for city parks, nature centers, and any area where an ergonomic, natural-looking, safe, and comfortable, non-slip surface is desired.

All Rubberway systems used for rubber trails are available in a variety of colors and commodity sizes depending on the desired look and design. 

  • Safe, non-slip with a high coefficient of friction
  • Porosity allows for rapid drainage and quick drying
  • Porosity provides stormwater management
  • Resiliency provides shock absorption
  • Comfortable and easy on the joints
  • Flexibility provides resistance to cracking
  • Variety of colors and design options available
Estimated Life Cycle: 12 years
Completion Time: 2000 sqft/day
Recycled Material Content: 66 - 100%
ADA Compliance: Meets/ Exceeds
Size Unlimited
Weight: 9 lbs / sqft
Mass Changes: None
Appearance Changes: None
Trip Hazard: None
Walking Comfort: Highest
Re-Topping: Easy
Patch Repair: Almost Invisible

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