Arconic Corporate Campus

Location: Carson, CA

Project Description: 8,400 SF of Rubberway® Evolution and 7,500 SF of Rubberway Pervious Pavement 3000

Year Installed: 2017

A pervious pavement rubber jogging trail was installed at the Arconic (formerly Alcoa) corporate campus along with rubber flooring for an outdoor fitness center to promote employee health and wellness.

The Rubberway Evolution system was selected for the walking and jogging trail that runs through the campus. This dual layer pervious rubber pavement system is made from a base layer of 100 percent recycled rubber topped with a layer of virgin rubber that is colored throughout in order to provide long-term durability and colorfastness over time. This rubber trail is safe, non-slip, and resilient, making it comfortable for walking and jogging and easy on the joints.

The Rubberway Pervious Pavement 3000 system was selected for the outdoor fitness zone area to provide safe, non-slip, resilient rubber flooring around a number of fitness stations for employees to enjoy. This single layer system is made from 100% recycled rubber available in a variety of colors. A color blend of brown and black was selected for this particular project.

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