Bed Bath & Beyond Rubber Sidewalks

Location: Union, New Jersey

Project Description: 10,500 SF Rubberway® Sidewalk and 21,500 SF Pervious Pavement

Year Installed: 2013

Bed Bath & Beyond had a vision to make an environmental impact in their community. The company's forward thinking leadership led them to discover Rubberway as an alternative to cement or asphalt for sidewalks and a walking path at their corporate headquarters. Corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability are important issues in our time and leading corporations strive to find innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact while also attracting and retaining employees.

This Rubberway system not only enhances the surrounding landscape by providing an excellent recreational surface for the staff, but also meets state flood zone and storm water requirements. The sidewalk and pathway system extends throughout Bed Bath & Beyond’s corporate campus and features outdoor exercise stations along the way. This system promotes employee health and productivity and is a great way to enhance the workplace environment while also promoting sustainability.

This environmentally friendly paving option creates a safe, flexible surface for walking and jogging while diverting nearly 200,000 pounds of passenger tire rubber from landfills, equivalent to diverting 16,500 tires from local landfills.

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