Evergreen Cemetery Rubber Walking Trail

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description: 10,000 SF Rubberway® Multi-Purpose System

Year Installed: 2018

A Rubberway walking and jogging path was recently installed around the Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles to replace an original Rubberway path that had been installed in 2003. The original path was one of Rubberway's oldest installations and remained in good condition for fifteen years before being replaced. 

The new trail was installed as part of a street beautification and stormwater management project and is often seen being enjoyed by the community. 

Rubberway's Multi-Purpose system is installed at 1/2" thickness on top of a concrete sub-base. The rubber provides a resiliency that makes the surface more comfortable and easy on the joints for walking and jogging compared with concrete or asphalt. 

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