Houstonian Hotel Jogging Trail

Location: Houston, TX

Project Description: 27,000 SF Rubberway® Evolution Jogging Trail 

Year Installed: 2017

A 27,000 square foot Rubberway Evolution jogging trail was installed at the 5-star Houstonian hotel in Houston, Texas. The Houstonian is a popular hotel for fitness enthusiasts, so having the right jogging trail for its guests was extremely important.

The Houstonian is also well known for its emphasis on sustainability. The hotel sought out Rubberway to develop and install the perfect jogging trail for their needs. The Rubberway jogging trail that was installed met the sustainability goals for the hotel and also met the demands of their high end, fitness-oriented clientele.

The original jogging trail was paved with asphalt and required re-surfacing many times. Cracking and lifting due to tree root growth in the area constantly caused trip hazards for joggers and potential liabilities for the hotel. 

Rubberway's Evolution system was selected for this project due to its ability to stand up to high use and its ability to withstand long periods of submergence in water since the Houstonian is located in a flood zone area. This was put to the test just weeks after the system was installed when Hurricane Harvey brought massive flooding to the area. The Rubberway jogging trail was submerged in water for over a week with no degradation. 

The mile-long jogging trail winds through the hotel property and leads to a larger offsite trail as well. A natural green color was selected to compliment the surrounding verdant landscape.

Rubberway Evolution is a dual layer system composed of a base layer made of 100 percent recycled rubber, topped with a "wear" layer of virgin rubber that is colored throughout to avoid wearing of the color over time. For this particular application, Rubberway Evolution was installed on top of concrete so the system drains vertically.

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