Tire Derived Product Grant FY 2015-16 Q&A

Friday July 10, 2015
Tire Derived Product Grant FY 2015-16 Q&A

Often we get calls from our clients asking,  "What exactly qualifies for the grant funding?". The answer is simple, yet a little confusing when trying to fund a large surfacing project. Only recycled rubber passenger tires qualify for the funding opportunity with Cal Recycle, so that does limit the available options provided by Rubberway.

Our Pervious Pavement system, for example, can be certified as containing recycled passenger tire material within it's contents. The Rubberway Pervious Pavement Bits, a granulated, pigmented, 100% recycled passenger tire, composes the wear layer of this product. However, all supplementary materials, such as our proprietary binding agent, installation, sub-base preparations, etc., are not covered within that framework. 

If you qualify, only the Pervious Pavement Bits, including tax and freight, will be covered in your funding opportunity, up to $150,000.

Pervious Pavement can be used for landscaping applications such as treewells and medians, as well as pathways, sidewalks, greenways, parklets, wheelchair ramps, or any other means for travel corridors used in recreation applications.

Not all recycled tire derived products qualify. You may be familiar with poured- in-place playground surfacing, a two layer system made of a recycled tire "buffing" base layer and a synthetic rubber colored cap. The buffing material is derived from recycled truck tires, is shredded and not granulated, and therefore is not an eligible material to consider for your project.

To verify the eligibility your surfacing plan, you may wish to review the link below for the Application Guidelines and Instructions:


Are you needing more information on the TDP Grant funding this year? Visit their website for the latest question and answer segment released from Cal Recycle:


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