Pine Hills Golf Club

Location: Hinkley, OH

Project Description: 10,000 SF of Rubberway® Rubberrock 6000 Pervious Pavement system

Year Installed: 2017

A 10,000 square foot Rubberway Rubberrock pervious pavement system was installed at the Pine Hills Golf Club in Hinckley, Ohio. The Rubberway Rubberrock system is made from 100 percent recycled rubber mixed with a local stone aggregate which makes this pathway durable and long lasting for light vehicular traffic from golf carts and maintenance vehicles.

This system was selected due to its durability and the ability to resist cracking and deformation in a freeze-thaw environment. Cold regions, such as the northeast, where freeze-thaw occurs, are especially interested in replacements for traditional asphalt and concrete surfaces which tend to crack and crumble over time. 

This Rubberway Rubberrock system was installed on top of a layer of compacted base rock, allowing the system to be porous to provide rapid drainage, stormwater management, and quick drying.

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