Victoria Golf Club

Location: Riverside CA

Project Description: 6,000 SF of Rubberway® Rubber Rock 6000 and 6000 SF of Rubberway Multipurpose

Year Installed: 2018

A series of Rubberway pathways utilizing two different Rubberway systems were installed at the Victoria Golf Club in Riverside, CA. 

The client was looking for a surface that would replace existing pavers and that golfers could walk comfortably on. The pathways needed to be durable in order to withstand the high use of golf carts and maintenance vehicles while still looking attractive. This is where Rubberway came into play.

An added feature of Rubberway's rubber paving systems for golf courses is that the rubber limits ball bounce which provides an added safety element, reducing the amount of ball bounce compared to concrete or asphalt golf cart pathways. 

These pathways were installed on winding and steep-sloped surfaces throughout the golf club property, providing a good challenge and test of Rubberway's ability to be installed on such terrain and hold up to the elements.

The Rubberway Rubber Rock 6000 system, which features recycled rubber mixed with a stone aggregate for added durability, was utilized for the golf cart paths and other high use areas that maintenance vehicles needed to access. The Rubberway Multipurpose system, which is a 1/2" layer of rubber installed over concrete or asphalt, was used for the primarily pedestrian areas to provide an attractive and comfortable walking surface.

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